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Meditation for Everyone


There are MANY ways to MEDITATE.

Let me help you find your WAY.

The more you LOVE your practice, 

the more you will MEDITATE.

CREATE a practice that suits you & your life.

How Meditation Can Help You


  • More PEACE, JOY & LOVE
  • PAIN management

See the Difference


Meditation can be magical in your life. Finding a way to integrate it into your daily life, is the beginning of a beautiful journey. The more you learn about how to meditate, the more you want to meditate, explore different relaxation techniques and WAYS to meditate, meet other people who meditate, eat food better suited to meditation and so much more!


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stop by. breathe. gaze.


by Laura Martorella

ESL Language Coach

Business and Life Coaching while teaching you English (and meditation)

One-on-one, unique curriculum just for you, so you can achieve your goals faster, with laughter, joy and play.

Real Raw Me

I live, I love. I write.

Beginning to share my poetry with the world. I also share it in my meditation classes, to explore beliefs and values.