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Laura 's Photography


nature. people. light

stop by. breathe. gaze.


by Laura Martorella

Photography for sale as complete piece, ready to hang on the wall, or as stand alone prints, in a variety of sizes. 




How I start my day, every day!

Having gone through FIVE  operations in one year, I had LOTS of pain killers.  

As soon as possible, I reverted to something natural. After trying many different meds, the BEST med for PAIN I have found is a full-spectrum tincture from Ojai - it works within 30 seconds and helps me feel great and NO worries, it has NO high. I also use their Coconut Oil with Hemp, and apply to my leg scars nightly. I also use the sports gel every day on both of my knees.  I recommend starting with the CBD TRIAL PACK : one Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, and one 12oz CBD Coconut Oil.

You can contact me directly for more information or buy it directly here:


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OSTEOSTRONG / For a FREE INTRO SESSION - tell them Laura and Bella sent you! Give a call to #424-331-1404. It's so worth it! When I started at OsteostrongLA, I was still in a wheelchair and couldn't walk. Within 6 months - I hit 101% !!! I was feeling stronger and more balanced and I began to walk with crutches, then a cane. In addition to the 4 main OSTEOSTRONG machines - my Mar Vista location has many other BIOHACKING options which have all aided in my legs recovery.

E3Live Daily Keeps Me Healthy All Year Long